ChatGPT and Prompt Writing Training Courses = the art of clearly asking what you want

I offer customized ChatGPT Prompt and Prompt Writing Training Courses, Workshops and Seminars tailored to the specific needs of your organisation. Each package includes personalised coaching and training that will help you and your team learn how to make the most of ChatGPT and create effective prompts that engage users and achieve your communication goals.

Dr Peter Clayton

Dr Peter Clayton: ChatGPT Trainer and experienced IT consultant

  • Consultant on over 1,900 IT projects completed for 750+ clients.
  • Certified Management Consultant and Chartered Manager.
  • Able to talk non-technically.
  • Free initial consultation. Fixed price quotes as standard.

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Here are some examples below of what is covered in each package. Then please make a free, initial consultation on what ChatGPT is and how you might find it useful.

After each package is tailored to your organisation’s specific needs I will provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve your goals using ChatGPT. Packages can be structured as virtual training, in person training, group seminars, team workshops or one-to-one live coaching on a specific task.

ChatGPT and Prompt Writing Training Courses available:

Overview of ChatGPT (45 to 60 minutes):

ChatGPT Training Courses
  • Overview of ChatGPT and its capabilities.
  • Varied examples of the different situations where it would be useful.
  • Personalised examples and walkthroughs of what you might use it for.
  • Introduction to effective prompts writing.
  • How to approach your use of ChatGPT as an productivity tool.
  • ChatGPT’s limitations and problems using it.
  • Overview of best practices for using ChatGPT.

In Depth review of ChatGPT including Basic Training and customisation of writing prompts (1.5 hours):

  • Everything covered in the Overview Training above plus the following.
  • Expanded examples of the different situations where it would be useful.
  • Greater depth in personalising examples creating likely outputs specific to your jobs and organisation.
  • Advanced prompt writing techniques, such as how to write prompts for specific audiences or situations, different styles, different approaches and for vague purposes.
  • Different types of follow up questions and formats to export in.
  • Coaching on how to write effective prompts for your specific tasks.
  • How to use ChatGPT as a tool for daily work and life.
  • How to use it to reduce procrastination of difficult tasks and get round writer’s block.
  • Coaching on how to customize ChatGPT to meet your specific business needs.
  • In depth discussion of ChatGPT’s limitations and potential problems using it.
  • Question and Answer session for answering specific questions and issues.
  • Optional: How to use it for writing software code, websites and spreadsheet formulas.
  • Summary of the methodology and way of approaching prompt writing that leads to successful use of it.

After-training support package: (30 minute slots of remote follow-up support)

ChatGPT Training Package and Prompt Writing Course
  • This package includes 30 minutes of remote support, as many times as you need. Once you’ve spent time using the tool after the training then you will likely have found difficulties in using it in your specific circumstances. Similarly, if you can’t quite remember the best methods for different situations, I’ll be here to answer your questions and guide you through to your solutions by providing top-up training.

Contact me to get started with the power of ChatGPT Prompt Training

If you’re interested in getting started with one of my training packages, simply contact me to schedule a consultation. I’ll work with you to determine which package is right for your business and create a customized training plan.

Thank you for considering me as your go-to trainer for ChatGPT. I look forward to helping you improve your business’s communication and customer service.

Looking for a guest keynote speaker for you all-staff or team group meetings, seminars or workshops?

I also provide remote or in-person “Introduction to ChatGPT” and longer prompt engineering training to businesses and charities so that the whole company or team can be briefed on how they might use it and introduce them to the benefits of daily efficiency. Click here for more details on using me as a guest keynote speaker.

Interested in Excel training too?

If you’re like to be trained in using Excel and Google Sheets combined with ChatGPT then please visit my other website too.

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