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Dr Peter Clayton

Dr Peter Clayton: ChatGPT Trainer and experienced IT consultant

  • Consultant on over 1,900 IT projects completed for 750+ clients. Certified Management Consultant and Chartered Manager. Able to talk non-technically.
  • Generate documents, emails and reports quicker and better by using the power of ChatGPT.
  • I specialise in improving efficiency in the workplace through automation and best use of technology.
  • Free initial consultation. Fixed price quotes as standard.
  • Over 400 people personally introduced and trained in ChatGPT so far.

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Thank you for considering me as your ChatGPT Trainer. If you’re ready to get started with training, please contact me to schedule a consultation and times.

I am a very experienced IT consultant and am practiced in helping clients make the best of technology to speed up their work and reduce bureaucracy and paperwork. See below for testimonials from my various work on over 1,900 contracts and my client list of over 750 client including multi-nationals, SMEs, charities and individuals.

I am well versed in understanding what people want in their work and how to make it happen so that you can work efficiently and effectively and spend less time using that technology than you do using the output from the technology.

IT Consultancy Testimonials

“We were blown away by ChatGPT and its possibilities to aid our work.  Peter explained it brilliantly and tailored it to our Charity and our specific issues and needs.  Seeing relevant responses from ChatGPT made it really understandable and also highlighted for us the potential value it will add in future.  We would wholeheartedly recommend Peter for ChatGPT – thank you Peter!”

Sarah Smith, Charity Manager, Sheffield Cats Shelter.

“Working with Peter has been excellent and a worthwhile investment. Your patience and skillset are greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to upskill us – we have really enjoyed learning more about the system. Our lives are a lot easier now!”

Krishma Tangri, Logistics Area Manager, Aldi

“Thanks again for your help, it made a huge difference to the efficiency of the data management on a complex project. Not only was your work to a very high standard technically but also the speed with which you cracked my problem was really appreciated.”

Ken Scott, Senior Project Manager, Vision Consulting

“Peter provided us with a great opportunity to transform our Human Capital Reporting capability. He worked quickly and efficiently at identifying and understanding the business deliverables and also the technical challenges of our current offerings. The result was a solution that is not only more sustainable but has literally saved us hundreds of man hours. We now have an in house reporting capability which provides long term efficient and dynamic reporting from a complex set of systems which we did not previously think was possible. Will definitely be recommending his business.”

Amanda Childs, Divisional HR Business Partner, Siemens PLC

“What a fantastic service! Peter took complex data and made it into something that made sense, had visual impact and helped us to tell our story with clarity. Previously I have tried to do this myself but the benefits of using Peter’s service were speed and expertise. Great value for money.”

Colin Middlemiss, Communications and Engagement Manager, Yorkshire Water

“Peter assisted us with automation of a manual Excel process, although each individual instance only saves a couple of minutes, because we run the process many times per day the aggregate time savings are huge. This has freed up my team to spend more time on added value tasks and has also reduced the instance of human error in process. This is a huge benefit to our reporting, and we will definitely we reviewing other processes with a view to further automation.”

Matt Davey, Group Financial Controller, Flakt Group

“We initially approached Peter from discovering his unique skill set via Google as the Excel Expert as we were considering the development and implementation of a new costing process. We were in the process of reviewing a semi-automated commercial costing template to enable a quicker more accurate pricing. Peter has now made our quoting process 40% quicker and with greater accuracy too.
Peter immediately understood all the relevant critical costings needed to develop such a document. We have Excel competent people within the business but far far from Peter’s level, his knowledge and passion is exceptional in this particular subject. Peter has implemented functionality we never thought was possible. We would wholeheartedly recommend Peter for all aspects of Excel from comprehensive data challenges and commercial costing proposals to general advice and automation within Excel. Also, a very pleasant person to do business with. We will be in touch again.”

James Carter, Sales & Marketing Director. W Crowder & Sons Ltd

“Peter very quickly worked out our requirements and helped develop the logic and sequences needed to create the user-friendly decision-making tool we were looking for. I will be recommending his services to other departments.”

Jamie Lawrence, Senior Sustainability Advisor, Kingfisher Group

“Peter’s work on a major financial reporting project was essential to our organisation’s drive to improve our services to members. Quite simply, we could not have done it without him. Peter’s extensive technical abilities and fast turnaround re-established our confidence in the project and the final result found new options for improvements and efficiencies that paid for themselves many times over in the following months.”

James Vrac, Executive Director, UHY International

“Thank you Peter for your expertise. The service you provide is first-class!”

Karl Halabi, Head of Sports Science, Reading Football Club

“Peter was great to work with. He understood our business need well and the planning sheet he produced –both on time and on budget- was exactly what we needed.”

Casilda Malagon, Integrated Communication Specialist, Anglo American

“Peter took a very large excel database and in a remarkably short space of time generated the reports we had been struggling to produce for months. The quality reports have been very well received by my colleagues who have commented how the professional presentation of the data will inform us all about our practice. Because of his efficiency Peter delivered the project at a cost well below what we had budgeted. He clearly has a wealth of experience and expertise and I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Stephen Wright, Consultant Anaesthetist, National Health Service, Newcastle

“I highly recommend Peter for the excellent service provided. Thank you once again for your patience and helping us to achieve the desired result.”

Kishor Tahiliani, General Manager, Ibis Hotels

“Thanks for your work on the spreadsheet, really helpful! That looks fantastic, thanks very much once again!”

Matt Galloway, Store Operations, Aldi

“Peter’s ability to quickly grasp the concept of what you’re doing and then weave himself into the project as part of our team is remarkable. What’s more, he works at a pace exceeding expectations, on time and on budget. I have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Peter Knott, OurSaySo Ltd

“Thanks Peter for your incredibly quick and efficient work on this project. You intuitively understood our particular requirements and not only made suggestions to improve the specifications we had given, but also implemented them above and beyond our expectations. Thank you!”

Alison Mckinley, Evaluation Officer, International Planned Parenthood Federation

“I can’t stress how helpful this work is for us. I have just written a report in 20 mins that in the past took me the best part of an entire day!”

Adam Crook, Assistant Head, Rowan Park Teaching School

“Thanks again for your help. My staff are already loving you!!!!!!”

Robert May, Group Operations Director, Abby Cleaning (Scotland) Ltd

“What a brilliant piece of work!”

Matt Doe, Insurance Broker, Doe & Co. Ltd

“Thanks for all your help on this, I will definitely be in touch again”

Alison Townson, Leadership Development and Talent Director, Brakes Group

“I have used Peter’s services for designing Excel templates three times now, and the results have been really impressive. On each occasion the work has been completed to a very high standard, quickly and with plenty of helpful feedback. We won’t hesitate to use Peter’s services again.”

David Evans, Evans Accountants

“Peter has provided us with a range of excel solutions that he has tailored to our needs. These tools have been fundamental in the rapid and successful growth of the business over the past 12 months.”

Kevin Ford, Operations Director, CS2 Transport Ltd

“We were looking to create a tool to capture and analyse raw data and present emerging media trends for multiple stakeholders. Peter converted our basic spreadsheet into a tool which does exactly what we need, enabling us to produce high quality analysis and charts in a fraction of the time taken previously. Peter was very responsive to our needs and our engagement with him represented great value for money.”

Dòmhnall Caimbeul, CEO, MG Alba (Gaelic TV)

“Just wanted to say thank you for helping us with this project. You have delivered exactly what we wanted and improved on some of the functionality we intended.”

Luke Montague, System and Rights Co-ordinator, Eagle Rock Entertainment

“Absolutely outstanding service: accessible, responsive, knowledgeable, creative, efficient; final product just excellent all around. Thank you.”

M Kurrek, Associate Professor, University of Toronto

“You have been extremely prompt and I would certainly seek your assistance in the future.”

Dr Randall Niedz, U.S. Horticultural Research Laboratory

“Brilliant as usual!”.

Geraint Davies, Moelogan Wind Farm

“You are a legend! I am an ex-database programmer myself. I couldn’t manage to work this out. I spent the whole 2 days until I was close to my deadline. You did it within 30 minutes. I will definitely recommend you.”

Aziz, Doha-Qatar

“The toolkit seems to be holding up in all the zones, thank you SO SO much for assisting me!!! Really appreciate it. You have been a star!”

Andre Fourie, AB InBev

“Using your latest file, I was able to save the best part of three hours in comparison to the manual manipulation normally required – and that time saving will be experienced every week, all year round!”

Martin Phillips, Commercial Director, SeaCon

“That’s great – works beautifully! Great job.”, “Payment made. Once again thanks for your expert help.”

Stephen Aikin, S. Aikin Futures Ltd

“I would highly recommend Peter for any work that may be needed in the future; he has been very efficient and got the job done quickly.”

Lise Jorgensen, Manor Preparatory School

“Thanks to Peter at Excel Consultants for his mentoring work with our IT Department.”

Support Dogs UK

“Peter was fast, clear and well organized. Just what was needed to find and fix two vexing Excel macro problems without delay.”

Hodson Thornber

“Peter has been an absolute joy to work with. He took our hopes and a client’s needs of a report and made Excel sing – exceeding our own and our client’s expectations. We look forward to working with him on many more projects in future.”

Helen Frewin, Totem Consulting

“We think you are some sort of Excel god!”

Jarrod Matthews, Jarrods Bespoke Staircases

“Many thanks for your help…Its much appreciated”

Jason Cholerton, CSS Pest Services

“We are delighted with the macros you set up for our “top up” rent collection. We have now been using it for 2 weeks and it is saving a good 3 hours of office work each week…. It has freed up more time to spend out on the road collecting. I would recommend Dr Peter Clayton at Infinite Innovations Ltd to anyone looking to streamline a spreadsheet related task.”

Carolyn Harry, Director, RPC Services Ltd

“I am over the moon with your work. Thank you for your help.”

Charles Fogg, Consulta Limited

“Many thanks for your help Peter – you’re a life saver!”

Carole Dacre, HR & Quality Manager, TLC Group

“Peter’s clever solution has shaved hours off our weekly workload and made a massive difference day to day for our team.”

Sam Wetherald, Account Director, Ketchum Inc

“That’s excellent Peter, thanks very much.”

Holly Bradshaw

“Peter created an excellent one page Excel Director KPI cockpit which has had a positive effect on CHH Board meetings. Visually we can see key information quickly and the subsequent discussions focus on the real issues. Peter’s knowledge in preparing the cockpit also saved a huge amount of time and effort – Many Thanks”

Tim Hughes, Managing Director, CHH Conex Limited

“Peter helped us overcome an Excel challenge turning software codes into an Excel task scheduler using calendar dates and times, which we initially thought was impossible. He also did it in super-fast time, in a way so easy, that anyone could operate it regardless of their Excel knowledge. It’s literally a 3 click process. The overall saving to the business (Software and administration hours) exceeds £10K p/a, however the fact that anyone can now operate this model is simply priceless.”

Matt Lynn, Commercial Operations Business Analyst, AkzoNobel

“The work undertaken by Peter has greatly improved our risk management system by reducing man hours required to populate and also by guaranteeing accuracy by automating the system. The scope he executed was completed quickly and with no re-work.”

Andy Sutherland, ABIS Projects

“We had been trying for over three years to find and commit the huge manual resource to our database development, a task we knew would increase our sales performance dramatically. After explaining our aims to Peter we managed to condense a year of manual spreadsheet work into a few hours automation and macro building via Excel which has meant we have freed up a member of our team full time. Peter’s experience and knowledge are powerful tools which we would recommend you harness the power of for your own business.”

Gemma Price, Superfood Market

“As a small business owner my time is in great demand; Peter’s work has enabled me to carry out some of my routine tasks in a fraction of the time it usually takes, enabling me to me to spend my time on more important matters. He has also created a piece of work that far exceeded my expectations, using his Excel experience to improve on my ideas. I’m delighted with his work and would heartily recommend him to others.”

Charlotte Baldwin, Colour Your Garden

“I had a client with a jumbled up selection of spreadsheets containing almost 40,000 shoes and after spending the best part of a week editing the data so that it could be imported into a online store I decided a professional was needed. Peter’s website stood out from the rest and gave me a good feeling. A quick email describing what I needed and a few back and forth additional emails resulted in my data being ready in just a few hours. I’d estimate that Peter has saved me 6 weeks or more of boring work. I’ll be using Peter’s service again for sure and would encourage anyone with a lot of products to import to give Peter a go as the cost was very reasonable.”

Richard Jordan,

“I knew we could be doing more with our data, but wasn’t sure what was possible, and didn’t have time to investigate. I have a good knowledge of Excel, but using Peter was absolutely money well spent. It wasn’t just that he was able to do things much quicker and more elegantly than I could, it was that he was very quick to grasp the issues, ask the right questions, so that the whole process was easy and quick. We’re able to use our data much better now as a result.”

Michael Mann, Head of Operations, Mathematics Mastery

“Peter easily achieved all the agreed outcomes with all stages fully completed and often exceeded; Peter consistently took initiative to promote the project and strengthen business aims and relationships.

Peter provided a seamless link to our sub-contractors in the UK and proved personally essential in framing internal expectations, providing additional value to elements of the proposal formerly covered by others, without friction. Peter was a very popular and valuable member of our team.

Peter’s analytical knowledge and application of skills using such tools as MS Excel and other computer programs was extremely helpful. His efforts, often in excess of expectations, to assist the whole team were immeasurable.

Peter sees problems very clearly and can quickly grasp complex issues, thinking swiftly through options and providing clear solutions.


All of Peter’s work is very well presented, clearly organised and critically evaluated at each stage, his use of written language is excellent and his ability to depict his solutions in graphic format are equally admirable. In short he is a joy to work with and I would highly recommend his services to others.”

Tim Washington, Managing Director, Walk Consulting Group

“I run a small charity which is undertaking a household survey in rural Kenya. I spent just under 90 minutes working with Peter and I know that his input has saved us at least 3 weeks of work in collecting and analysing our data. I’m fairly new to using Excel, but Peter pitched his advice at a level that I understood and left me feeling confident that I can implement the strategy he recommended”

Ben Skelton, DigDeep (Africa)

“Morgan’s Historic & Classic Vehicle Events Yearbook is a directory containing more than 1000 events with a mailing list of 4000+ subscribers raising £250,000 for charity in just 11 years. The efficiency of the production, distribution and accounting processes is highly-dependent on a suite of Excel spreadsheets that have been developed and enhanced in close co-operation with Peter. We can now offer the best possible service to our subscribers, maximise the benefit to charitable causes and make the most productive use of our volunteers’ time. Peter’s ready understanding of our requirements, the inventiveness of his solutions and speed of response must surely be without equal.”

Tony Raylor, Editor – Morgan’s Yearbook, York Vikings Rotary Club

“Peter has been extremely helpful towards finding a solution for our reporting requirements. Even when the macro needed to be amended on numerous occasions, he was open to our suggestions and promptly implemented new fixes without delay.”

Jane Tully, Head of Insight and Engagement, Money Advice Trust

“Thanks again for your excellent work. It seems to work well, so much so that I’m alarmed to realise just how much time I’ve been wasting doing this myself!”

James Benford

“While creating a works request briefs to send to potential contractors we have to pull information from several different resources, this is both time consuming and repetitive.
I approached Infinite Innovations Ltd to see if it was possible to hold all this information in one document and select different information as necessary, during our initial consultation Peter quickly identified areas he would be able to automate and suggested other ideas I didn’t even know were possible to do in Excel like creating PDF documents from different sheets within the file and pre writing emails to send to our contractors.
Peter kept in close contact through the creation process with regular updates and test versions for me to try and modified the file as we found other improvements to speed up the data entering.
It has been a pleasure to work with Peter on this project, his knowledge of Excel is second to none, if he hasn’t got the solution to your problem no one has!”

Peter Sherwood, Maintenance Manager, Canal & River Trust

“Peter kindly agreed to run a ‘basic’ Excel course for five members of staff at St Luke’s Hospice. The training was free which Peter offers to charity based organisations. All five of us on the course have basic Excel knowledge and Peter pitched the training perfectly for our needs (but I think anyone with ‘good’ Excel knowledge would still benefit from a training session), the shortcut key knowledge on its own was invaluable. Peter was so helpful and we all felt afterwards that he had given us an understanding and made us feel more confident to use Excel in the future. Thank you Peter – we have spread the word at St Luke’s and will request further training sessions.”

Helen Smith, Executive Support, St Luke’s Hospice

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