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Dr Peter Clayton

Dr Peter Clayton: ChatGPT Trainer and experienced IT consultant

“I highly recommend Peter for the excellent service provided.”

Kishor Tahiliani, General Manager, Ibis Hotels

“That looks fantastic, thanks very much once again!”

Matt Galloway, Store Operations, Aldi

Please email my what your job and/or organisation does, plus what you think you might use ChatGPT for is you already know and what level of training package or introduction the process you might want. I’ll then arrange a date and time to work through it with you and agree the best package and free introduction to its potential for you.

I am normally working with clients so prefer to be contacted by email initially. If you send me a few details of your initial request, and ideally some sample data if possible, then I will review it and reply as soon as I can.

Please just call me by my first name: “Peter”.

Email address to write to:

Contact and training through Skype / Zoom / Teams:

If you prefer, we can run through your requirements by Skype / Zoom / Teams. It allows us to chat online while being able to see each other’s computer screens so it’s easier to check I fully understand what you’re wanting. If you email me your details and a suitable date and time I’ll contact you to confirm.

Charities are given special rates on large projects or free for small ones.

Or you can write to me at:

Peter Clayton, Infinite Innovations Ltd, 157 Chelsea Road, Sheffield, S11 9BQ, UK

My consulting approach and terms:

Once requirements and terms are agreed I will ask you to agree on the training and advice package to be given. Payment is before or after completion. All reports, documents, answers created during the training is the property of yourselves.

I try to go beyond expectations by offering more than originally asked for and making sure that the results fit within a wider business context, looking for maximum impact at the lowest cost.

I am happy to meet with you in person to discuss your projects though nearly all projects seem to be possible by email, virtual meetings and telephone and I normally start with this.

I have no direct association with or represent the OpenAI .ChatGPT company.

Note to students: I will not complete assignments for you nor help you use ChatGPT to write your assignments and will report you for approaching me if you do.

Advanced ChatGPT Prompt writing training course
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