Does OpenAI keep and use the text that you give it?

There are two ways to use OpenAI’s artificial intelligence systems. The full system itself is called GPT and there’s two main ways people use it:

  1. API – this is where you connect your website or computer systems to the GPT database and automate it’s outputs for your specific purposes. You pay for the number of words that you send and receive from it. OpenAI does not use the words you send to train its systems so effectively doesn’t keep or use your text. Presumably it stores it temporarily while processing it. You still shouldn’t be sending information that is sensitive or personal or has company secrets to it.
  2. ChatGPT – this is where you “chat” with GPT yourself and give it text to get feedback on. Open AI does incorporate your words to train its systems so you data is used and stored but they try to anonymise it while doing so.
    • “We remove any personally identifiable information from data we intend to use to improve model performance. We also only use a small sampling of data per customer for our efforts to improve model performance. We take great care to use appropriate technical and process controls to secure your data.” – OpenAI
    • If you don’t want your data to be incorporated or used for this purpose then you can opt out:

More details on this are at

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