Full list of ChatGPT services

ChatGPT training and prompt engineering the skill of good writing

Here’s a full list of the services related to using ChatGPT I provide to get ahead:

  • One-on-one ChatGPT live prompt coaching sessions tailored to individual needs and goals.
  • Group workshops and training seminars focused on prompt building and ChatGPT best practices.
  • Customized training materials, including guides, cheat sheets, and templates for effective prompt creation.
  • Ongoing support and prompt review services to ensure optimal results from ChatGPT implementations.
  • Advanced training sessions for specific industries or applications of ChatGPT, such as customer service, marketing, or content creation.
  • Consultation services to help businesses integrate ChatGPT effectively into their workflows and processes.
  • Hands-on workshops guiding clients through real-life prompt-building scenarios to improve their skills and confidence.
  • Human led brainstorming sessions using ChatGPT for idea generation and analysis.
  • Introductory sessions on leveraging ChatGPT’s API for seamless integration with existing tools and platforms.
  • In-depth courses on understanding the underlying principles and mechanics of ChatGPT for better prompt creation.
  • Personalized prompt optimisation services, analyzing existing prompts and offering expert recommendations for improvement.
  • Free ChatGPT training for charities

Please contact me to discuss any of these to explore how you can make the most of AI and ChatGPT / Bing / Bard.

ChatGPT services - coaching, training, API integration, workshops, seminars and prompt writing skills
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