Human led brainstorming using ChatGPT

Human led brainstorming using ChatGPT

Welcome to a whole new world of creativity and innovation! I’m here to help you and your team tap into the power of human-led brainstorming, enhanced by the AI capabilities of ChatGPT. Together, I can help run a brainstorming session to discover new and creative ideas, solutions and business opportunities.

My experience in brainstorming coaching and related work

brainstorming coach and training
  • Author and training of a training course on Creativity and Problem Solving for Procter & Gamble Ltd.
  • Presented “Computer Aided Creativity” paper at an international creativity conference.
  • Author of, training people on brainstorming techniques via a website with upto 1 million visitors per year. Creator of software for assisting brainstorming.
  • Over 1,900 IT contracts for over 750 clients giving creative solutions to all industries, departments and management levels.
  • Worked as a United Nations adviser: advising and assisting with the implementation of key election projects across all departments including field operations, budgeting, legal, logistics and IT.
  • Worked with heads of departments to prepare, review and compile Afghan election operational plans with timelines and budgets; prepared the $159 million budget for presentation to the international donor community.
brainstorming sessions using ChatGPT

Personalised Brainstorming Guide

As an experienced brainstorming coach and trainer, I’m committed to understanding your unique challenges and goals. I’ll work closely with you to tailor our brainstorming sessions to your specific needs, ensuring that the ideas we generate are both innovative and practical.

ChatGPT: A Powerful Creative Ally to Brainstorming

Computer enhanced brainstorming with ChatGPT

With ChatGPT by our side, we’ll have access to a wealth of knowledge and ideas that can help us supercharge our brainstorming sessions. This cutting-edge AI language model will provide valuable input and suggestions, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in our quest for creativity.

Focus on real, practical results

My primary focus is on delivering tangible results. By combining human ingenuity with the power of ChatGPT, I’ll help you achieve your creative objectives, whether it’s developing new product ideas, finding innovative solutions to complex problems, or simply enhancing your team’s brainstorming skills.

Ready to Begin Your AI enhanced Creative Journey?

Contact me today to discuss how I can help you and your team harness the power of human-led brainstorming with ChatGPT. Let’s unlock your creative potential all together!

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