Stop repeating yourself with Custom Instructions

If you find yourself repeating yourself in every prompt then you need to use the special section that includes instructions to be added to every new prompt you write:

It’s called “Custom Instructions” and you go there by pressing on the account/menu button and selecting Custom Instructions. You then have two places to enter instructions to be used on all new prompts.

(1) “What would you like ChatGPT to know about you to provide better responses?” eg “Use UK English. Located in the UK.”

(2) “How would you like ChatGPT to respond?” eg explain the style, format, background, expertise to include every time. eg:

  1. Detail-Oriented Response: “Please provide a detailed, comprehensive response, including relevant examples and explanations where necessary.”
  2. Concise and Focused Answer: “Keep the response brief and to the point, focusing solely on the main question without additional context or examples.”
  3. No Technical Jargon: “Explain the concept in simple terms, avoiding technical language or industry-specific jargon.”
  4. Balanced Perspective: “Present a balanced view, including different perspectives or opinions on the topic.”
  5. Recent Information Emphasis: “Include only the most recent and relevant information, preferably from the last two years.”
  6. Creative Flair: “Add a creative twist to the response, using imaginative or hypothetical scenarios to illustrate points.”
  7. Step-by-Step Explanation: “Break down the explanation into clear, easy-to-follow steps.”
  8. Comparison and Contrast: “Compare and contrast different aspects or viewpoints related to the topic.”
  9. Future Implications: “Discuss potential future implications or developments related to the topic.”
  10. Historical Context: “Provide historical background or context to the topic where relevant.”
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